Icon system & illustrations
Trive is the first new car e-commerce business in Spain, going one step forward and adding innovative technologies, VR and personalized online consulting to the online buying experience.
I was approached by Trive's design team to define a unique illustration style and a personalized icon set of more than 40 icons for their website, mobile App and VR glasses interface that would add more character and differentiation to their whole visual identity.
Website illustration: VR
Website illustration: Test drive appointment process
Website illustration: FAQ
Icon system
The challenge was to design a set of icons that had a contemporary, fresh and unique look in line with the brand's visual design, but that also were recognizable and functional.
Live video, VR, Test drive, Car type, Brand
Car characteristics
For the main icons, two versions were developed: a primary, standard size for regular use, and a smaller adaptation of the design for use in smaller applications, like very small buttons. This maintains visual consistency through the whole system without sacrificing recognizability.
Power lies in the details – The final designs were achieved through an exhaustive process of continuous refinement of the icons' shapes until getting the perfect balance between personality and function. Here are some details and insights of the process:
A total of 46 icons were designed for website, iOS, Android and VR interfaces.
Client: Trive Automotive
Design & Illustration: Alejandro Grima
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